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The concept was born and constructed from real market problems. The challenge was building a solution saving valuable time delivering quotations, business to consumer.

Save Time

Estimator’s Advantage mobile application saves tremdous time construction quotations.

Development Planning

Use our application by distributing to your team and increase productivity when estimating projects.

Various Industries

Our application is the most robust in the industry catering to many industries and markets.

What is Estimator’s Advantage?

Have you ever had trouble finding a solution for measuring, note taking and quoting your client’s project all in one place? Well, look no further than Estimator’s Advantage – a mobile app specifically designed to meet this need. Created by a small team of developers and construction enthusiasts, Estimator’s Advantage aims to be the app that roofers, landscapers, and tradesmen can turn to for their complete project measuring and planning stages.

How Does It Work?

Estimator’s Advantage is powered by a specially built calibration algorithm that turns your images, blueprints and designs to dimensions. The best part of this feature is that this is as simple as taking a picture of your blueprint and setting the calibration measurement scale. No need to bring out the arsenal of measurement tools and spending long nights crunching the estimations – because this app will take care of that in seconds. From here, you can store your findings in a project and come back to it later, or share it with your clients through email.

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